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  1. Determine who (inside and outside the company) influences the purchase of Enterprise business software in various market segments.  Also, evaluate and model the mechanism of colleague/peer word-of-mouth in the mix.
    Result: findings were an important factor in reorganization of corporate communications and influence functions.
  2. Quantify the value of each type of purchase influencer, both inside and outside the company.
    Result: used to determine which influencers to form relationships with and the relative value of each. Techtel adopted a new method of determining relative influence through the use of signal processing theory.
  3. Perform a series of joint company/user group feedback research projects to get independent feedback from customers and users to improve experience and receptiveness to future communications.
    Results were presented to the CEO by the user group and customers who responded reported delight with the Techtel developed feedback methodology.
  4. Global reputation tracking for software and storage companies for Balanced Scorecard or Dashboard.
    Result: unknown, but we presume lead to corrective action.
  5. Go-To-Market Reality Checks for software companies on Targeting, Positioning, Concept, Influence Sources.
    Result: fine tuned plans for demand generation to align with current market realities.  (eg. identified a better version of the concept with 20% more attactiveness to the market).
  6. Deep dive into consumer technology segmentation, motivations, and behavior with implications for marketing effectiveness in the digital media area.
    Result: the key target area defined in depth based on size, demand, interests and opinion of vendor.
  7. Message testing across the spectrum of Corporate and Product communications to determine how target audiences rated their importance, credibility, and likelihood of reading or finding out more.
    Result: innovative Techtel-developed methodology identified wide differences in message importance and vendor trust, bringing into question widely held assumptions about best practice.