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How well are you doing in the market?  Techtel tracks Brand Strength and Product Demand Pipelines to allow you to see where you are strong and weak vs. your competitors, each quarter, and recommends what action to take.

Techtel has tracked Brand and Product Demand each quarter for 25 years. Brands come and go, products come and go even faster and product categories change too.

What do we track?

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Brand Strength Tracking
Company and Brand Awareness and Opinion for 60 brands.  To see if your brand is tracked, click here.  If not, we may be able to add your brand and competitor's to our next quartely survey.  Opinion is tracked in terms of Quality and Quantity.

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Product Demand Pipeline Tracking
Product Awareness, Opinion, Consideration, Evaluation and Purchase.  To see if your category and product(s) are tracked, click here.  See the Pipeline Model to understand how this data will be used each quarter to help you understand what's happening in the market, diagnose and fix problems.