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Q. We have general industry information but can Techtel do research on our specific needs?
A. Yes, we do custom research, both one-time and continuing, such as reputation tracking.

Q. Sometimes we know exactly what we want to ask while other times we know what we have to find out, but not how to ask it.  Can Techtel help with both?
A. Yes.  Techtel lets you have it your way.  We want to be the ones you call on first.

Q. We want to do a study with our customers but also want to hear from our targeted prospects.  Can Techtel help us find and survey them too?
A. Likely, yes.  If your target is accessible in enough quantity to meet your needs.  We can often help find a good sample of them.

Q. We need to have survey coverage in multiple countries.  Can Techtel do that?
A. Yes, usually, we do Web-Based research with our international research panels, and your lists, as necessary.  We can handle translations or work with your translators.

Q. "We already have lots of data, too much in fact.  Can Techtel help us make sense of it?"
A. Maybe.  We know a lot of tricks and often help companies make sense of data from multiple sources based on proven market influence models that show where different sets of data fit.

Q. "How do we find out what we don’t know about our customer?"
A. Of course we don’t currently know how much you know about your customers.  But here’s what Techtel does: Techtel goes into the world of the customer and asks what they do and we listen, we ask what their problems are and we listen, we ask what they like and dislike about their job, who their customers are and what they do and need.  And so on.  The point is to be able to create a virtual model of your customers and their customers by simply following the process, the organization and the problems.  See a generalization of this process at